Featured Artist - Douglas H. Caves Sr.
Boulder Art Gallery
960 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
    There is so much about New England that inspires and informs my paintings.  As a roamer of city and village streets,
and a hiker of rural trails, I find that there is no end to new subject matter.  It’s in the endlessly changing land and
weather.  It’s in the craggy lyricism of the landscape, the jagged demanding coast.  It’s in the white Colonial and
Victorian houses that line the narrow village streets and the grand old barns and farmhouses along rural roads, those
lonely outposts that suggest hope and offer a defense against the relentless passage of time.

My intention as an artist is to bring light, color, and texture into an engaging composition on the canvas, to create an
image that draws you in and gives you a reason to pause from the business of everyday life.  In doing so, I am searching
for an essence, the core at the heart of this place called New England.  I find it’s not the scenes that define it so much as
the way the light and atmosphere changes each setting and the way the environment wears and tears at the seams.  I’m
interested in how the environment has shaped our life in New England over time.  

Douglas H. Caves Sr.


Acrylic On Canvas
24" x 36"


Douglas H. Caves Sr.


Acrylic On Canvas
30" x 40"

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