Morton Sacks is a pre-eminent portrait painter of the 20th century and Professor Emeritus of Art at the Boston
University College of Fine Arts.   He also studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and taught painting and drawing at
the Harvard School of Art and the Boston University College of Fine Arts in the 1960's through the 1980's.  He has
taught and mentored, hundreds of aspiring art students, many of which have gone on to establish successful careers in
the arts .
 He currently maintains a studio in Newport, Rhode Island where he lives in a townhouse overlooking Trinity Church in
Queen Anne Square.  This large oil on canvas painting is an impressive example of his work and is in excellent,
untouched, original condition.  This painting is also the featured work of Morton Sacks on the "" website.  
Morton Sacks was Married to Ruth Whitman (1922–1999) an American poet, translator, and professor.

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