As an artist, I have always been attracted to subject matter that captures a special moment in time.  It may be that one time in the day, when for a
very brief and fleeting moment, the effects of light, sun, shadow or darkness creates a special mood or feeling that we want to capture, remember,
and preserve.  The major subject matter and focus of my work tends to be themes that stimulate my imagination and give me the incentive to create
new work.  
  I have a very strong attachment to the seacoast that has existed since my youth and in many of my paintings try to visually capture the evocative
moods of the coast.  I have concentrated on the coast during the changing seasons and times of day.  Changes in my palette, sometimes subtle and
sometimes vivid are needed to communicate the emotions I want to share.
  Interpreting music visually also continues to be a popular theme in my work.  There is a strong emotional response to music and I feel the choices
of color in my musically themed paintings tend to reinforce my expression of sound through color.
 Recently I have developed an interest in the world of windows, a familiar world to all of us and also one of warmth, dancing light, wondering, and
sometimes mystery.  It is my hope to convey to the viewer that behind some of these windows there is a world where color and light are free to move
and make their own patterns.
 Much of my work focuses upon local landscapes and cityscapes, scenes that are familiar to me locally and regionally.  A New England landscape is
easy to identify with and from this familiarity a sense of comfort and belonging emerges.  In summary, as I evaluate my work, I am surprised at how
autobiographical it is.  It becomes obvious that many of my paintings record the visual experience as well as the special happenings in my life.
 My work has been featured in the “Arts North Magazine”, the national “Piano and Keyboard Magazine”, and the visual arts sections of the Boston
Globe and the Boston Herald newspapers.  My one person exhibitions include shows at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, the Depot Square Gallery in
Lexington, the Cape Cod Conservatory in Hyannis, the National Plastics Museum in Leominster, the Weston Fine Arts Gallery in Boston and the
Marion Art Center in Marion, MA. My current affiliations include The Copley Society, Boston, MA; Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA; Monotype
Guild of New England.
  My awards, gallery affiliations, and selected group exhibitions are too numerous to mention here and are available in print at the Boulder Art
Gallery, Fitchburg, MA.


Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston
Oil on Canvas
Artwork: 26" x 32"
Gallery Wrap Canvas

960 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420