Boulder Art Gallery
960 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
       I grew up and have lived all my life in the City of Fitchburg, MA.  
Somewhere along the line, and perhaps influenced by certain
teachers, classes, and projects in school I became quite interested
in the city's history.  Because of this, I began to collect memorabilia
from the city whenever the opportunity arose and managed
throughout the years to amass quite an extensive collection.  
    One day while searching for Fitchburg memorabilia I came
across an Iver Johnson bicycle and really liked the fact that it was
made in my hometown, and loved the intricacies of its headbadge
that read "Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works, Fitchburg, Mass".  
My first thoughts were to find a badge to add to my collection as an
entire bicycle could not be "housed" or "fit" easily with my other
artifacts, and that was the route I decided to pursue. However,
after quite a long time went by, and after spending much time
thinking about it, the idea of perhaps finding one complete bicycle
to add to my collection began to take shape.
    Ever since I was a young boy I've always had a keen interest in
bicycles and thought owning one with a Fitchburg connection
might be a good idea, why not!  My wife and I own a small art gallery
in town and each year the city holds the Longsjo Classic Bike Race
on Main Street. I thought finding one complete Iver Johnson
Racing Bike to display in the window would be a great idea to help
promote the race and reinforce the idea that Fitchburg has always
had a rich cycling history that goes back well before the turn of the
    Well, a search began and I did manage to locate a great
example of an early Iver Racing Bike from a collector in
California.  When the bike arrived at my house I unpacked it
carefully and reassembled some of the parts that had been
removed for ease of shipment.  I examined and scrutinized every
part of that bike for hours and was in awe over the fact that this
bike left our city over 100 years ago, passed through so many
hands and families along the way, yet somehow managed to
survive and make it back home again intact.  There must be
something quite special about these bikes.  
    Well, I did display it in our window during the race and simply
kept it in the gallery on display at other times. This gave me the
opportunity over long periods of time, to just look at the bike,
study its construction and features, and learn more about the
history of the Iver Johnson company in Fitchburg.  The more I
learned about the bike, the more I liked it, then the inevitable
happened, inescapable thoughts of possibly picking up another
Iver to keep this bike company began to form.  Well, you know
where that idea eventually leads, and that's where I am at this
point in time, hooked on the Iver Johnson bicycle!
16)  1938 Iver Johnson Model 86 Truss Frame Roadster

17)  1916 Iver Johnson Model 87 Truss Frame Roadster

18)  Iver Johnson Children's Juniorcycles and Velocipedes

19)  1938 Iver Johnson Model 76M Streamline Delux

20) 1899 Iver Johnson Model 50 Men's High Grade Roadster

21)  1932 Iver Johnson Model 87 Truss Frame Roadster

22)  1924 Iver Johnson Model 87 Truss Frame Roadster

23)  1924 Iver Johnson Model 90 "Chrome" Road Racer

24)  "Coming Soon" 1915  Iver Johnson Chater Lea Racer

25)  "Coming Soon" 1912 Iver Johnson Truss Frame Racer

26)  "Coming Soon"
Tall Frame Truss Service/Delivery Bike

27)  "Coming Soon" Superior Truss

28)  "Coming Soon" 1909
Men's Roadster

29)  "Coming Soon" 1899 Men's Roadster

30)  "Coming Soon"
1900 Men's Roadster
"Still Searching After All These Years"

Pete Capodagli