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    This is a 1920 Iver Johnson Model 90B, Chater Lea, Special Racer in the tough to locate "Copper Bronze" color.  The double
hairline pinstriping is almost perfectly preserved on this bike. Serial # 370126 is stamped on the seat tube of this fantastically original,
"as found" 21" diamond frame racer.  The frames on these top of the line racers were made with a special Chrome-Molybdenum Steel
which was both lighter in weight and stronger than the standard steel frames of the Model 90 racer.   This bike was purchased from a
long time collector and hung for most  of its life in his shed, very little, if anything was altered over its lifetime.  Up front is the correct  
nickel headtube, narrow nickel racing fork, and gold headbadge all with a great patina.
    The racer is resting on a beautiful set of original, natural finish "Fairbanks Boston High V" wood racing wheels laced to a 40 spoke
Chater Lea rear track hub with 7 tooth cog, and a matching 32 spoke Chater Lea hub up front.  Finishing off the wheelset is a set of 28"
x 1 1/8" United States Special Racer tires put on by me.  To compliment its name, the bike has a complete Chater Lea bottom bracket
with a 23 tooth Chater Lea chainring.  The chainring is the very early style used by Iver Johnson on its 90B racers when they were
introduced in 1915.  It has 6 "slots" on its outer edge rather than the "CL" style chainring used on later 90B racers.  I've seen two
different versions of this "slotted" early chainring used on original Iver Johnson 90B racers.  One style has kidney shaped slots with
"rounded" ends, and the other style has the same slots with "strait" ends.  I still retain the original Brooks B-15 "Champion Standard"  
racing saddle, but placed a newer version on the bike for display.  Torrington "Star" rat trap pedals with toe clips, Iver Johnson #11
racing handlebars with forward extension, and original  grips add to the great vintage look of this racer.   All in all, a nicely  preserved
example of an Iver Johnson period racer.
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