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1898 - 1902 "LOVELL SPECIAL"
     This is an extremely rare 1898 - 1902, Iver Johnson built, "Lovell Special" board track racer in exceptional as raced condition.  In all
my years of collecting, no other "Lovell Special" track racer has been located, or is known to exist, in a better preserved period form
than this bike. Serial #L4549 is stamped on the upper right seat tube and the "Lovell Special" script is nicely preserved on the
downtube. It is a 20" Men's diamond frame with special order "Vermillion" spears in  the headtube area, all paint is original and
untouched. Its original headbadge is well preserved and stunning. The bike retains its original "Fauber Special" 26 tooth skip tooth
chainring  with original block chain and "Cleveland" rat trap pedals. Up front are the original handlebars with leather wrapped grips
and forward extension stem.  On top is a "Persons Majestic" racing saddle which originally had a seat support which I still retain.  The
racer is riding on a set of "High V" profile wood racing wheels with a matching set of racing hubs.  All in all, just an excellent example
of a period racer.
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