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     This is an 1897 Men's Iver Johnson Model "D", safety roadster having serial # 38219 stamped under the bottom bracket. The bike is
painted in Iver Johnson black, with single gold hairline striping and still retains most all of its original paint.  This 23" Men's diamond
frame roadster is resting on a set of 28" CB Italia wood wheels with a matching set of turn of the century barrel style hubs having a 36
spoke rear, and 32 spoke front.  This cycle still retains its original Iver Johnson rat trap pedals, handlebars with cork grips, Hunt men's
saddle and coaster pegs.   It is interesting to note that the Iver Johnson company imported 1 1/8" weldless steel tubing direct from
England for these roadsters while using all flush joints and drop forged connections in their construction.  Considering this cycle is
well over 100 years old and has passed through untold numbers of hands, it remains a superbly preserved original paint example of a
TOC Iver Johnson men's roadster.
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PAGE #12