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    This is a 1935 Iver Johnson Model 90B, Chater Lea "Special Racer".  Serial # 542870 is stamped on the seat tube of this totally
original, unmolested, and always owned by one family racer.  I bought this from a Connecticut family whose father bought it new and
simply passed it on to his son, who ended up selling it to me.  Below is a picture of the father on the racer  The original Iver Johnson
Ebony Black paint is in great condition and the double  hair line striping although worn in many places, can still be seen sporadically
on this 21" diamond frame racer.  Up front is the correct  chrome headtube, narrow chrome racing fork, and gold headbadge with a
fantastic patina.   The racer is resting on a beautiful set of  original natural finish Lobdell "High V"  wood racing wheels laced to a
Chater Lea 32 spoke front hub and a special order 36 spoke New Departure Model D Coaster Brake hub on the rear with a 7 tooth
racing cog.  Normally this would have had a Chater Lea 40 spoke rear track hub.  To compliment its name, the bike has a complete
Chater Lea bottom bracket with a 23 tooth Chater Lea chainring.  Finishing off the wheelset is a great set of 28" x 1 1/8" United States
Special Racer tires that were on the bike when I purchased it.   A Brooks, B-15 Champion Standard racing saddle, Torrington "Star" rat
trap pedals with toe clips, Iver Johnson #11 racing handlebars with forward extension, and original grips add to the great vintage look
of this racer.   All in all, a superbly  preserved example of an Iver Johnson period racer and one of the best I've seen.
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