Boulder Art Gallery
960 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
  The Boulder Art Gallery offers a constantly growing, and continually changing, selection of vintage art.  Our focus is to offer reasonably priced
artwork, of exceptional quality and visual appeal, from well listed artists who have achieved a nationally recognized level of professionalism in
their careers.   Most all of the artists we collect are listed in national publications and websites such as, Davenport's Art Reference &
Price Guide, and more. These works offer not only an investment one can enjoy for years in one's home, but also have a strong potential for
appreciation in value.
  When purchasing and collecting vintage art it is important to buy what you love, buy what speaks to you, and buy what would look good in your
home.  Vintage art is not only unique by its very nature, but there is also a long forgotten story and intriguing mystery behind each piece.  If
paintings could talk, one could only imagine the stories they could tell of the families, friends and events that have passed before them.  These are
the qualities that can make a carefully chosen piece of vintage art the focal point of a room, and a pleasure to own.
"An Investment You Can Live With"
Vintage Art