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  This is a 1919 Iver Johnson Model 87, men's truss frame roadster in Iver Johnson black paint with a hand striped spear point green
head.  On the front headtube is the original, and nicely preserved, pre-21 Iver Badge.  This bike is in original as found condition, with
serial # 352125 is stamped on the seat tube of this 22" roadster.  The original 28" x 1 1/2" Crescent wood wheels on this roadster are
in great shape, and have the original New Departure style "D" coaster brake hub in the rear and a very nice Iver Johnson hub up
front.  Tires are 28" x 1.5" white Universal Tires.  The 1" pitch chainring is a relatively large 28 tooth mated to a 10 tooth rear sprocket.  
The original Iver Johnson #72 handlebars with forward extension stem and comfort grips are still in place, as is the Troxel delux men's
long spring saddle and the men's Torrington #10  ball bearing rubber pedals.  All in all, a decently preserved original paint example of
an early Iver Johnson truss frame roadster with fantastic original patina.
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PAGE #14