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PAGE #15
     This is a 1908 Iver Johnson Model 87, 22' Men's diamond frame "Special Roadster" in Iver Johnson black paint with a hand striped
spear point red head.  On the front headtube is the original and perfectly preserved, pre-21 Iver Johnson badge.  This bike is in
incredible original condition, with serial #127663 stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket of this roadster.  The original 28" x 1
1/2" Crescent maroon and black painted wood wheels are in absolutely fantastic original condition.  The 36 spoke rear wheel is laced
to a Corbin Duplex coaster brake hub with a very nice 32 spoke Iver Johnson hub up front.  The 1" pitch chain ring has 26 teeth and 7"
crank arms, and is mated to a 9 tooth rear sprocket.  The original Iver Johnson #24 handlebars with forward extension stem and
original wood and leather grips are still in place, as is the Troxel 4A Men's long spring saddle and Men's Bridgeport rat trap pedals.  All
in all, a superbly preserved original paint example of an Iver Johnson diamond frame roadster with fantastic original patina.