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     This is a 1916 Iver Johnson Model 87, Men's truss frame roadster in Iver Johnson maroon paint with a hand striped spear point
green head.  On the front headtube is the original, and perfectly preserved, pre-21 Iver Badge.  This bike is in outstanding as found
original condition, with serial # 296521 stamped on the seat tube of this 22" roadster.  The original 28" x 1 1/2" Crescent wood wheels
on this roadster are in great shape with the maroon, black, and white striped paint nicely preserved.  The rear wheel still has the
original New Departure style "A" coaster brake hub while the front wheel is laced to the original Iver Johnson hub.  Tires are 28" x
1.5" Fisk Premier single tube tires.  The 1" pitch chainring is a relatively large 28 tooth mated to a 10 tooth rear sprocket.  The original
Iver Johnson "Ohio 112" handlebars with forward extension stem and comfort grips are still in place, as is the Troxel Delux Men's long
spring saddle and the men's Torrington #10  ball bearing rubber pedals.  This bike also retains its original fenders which are of the
earlier "flat" design as opposed to the more modern "rain gutter" style.  This bike came from the factory with no drop stand and has
no evidence of ever having one.  The drop stand present was added simply to display the bike easily.  All in all, a superbly preserved
original paint example of an early Iver Johnson truss frame roadster with fantastic original patina.
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PAGE #17