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   I have never really actively tried to "seek out" these tiniest of Iver Johnson creations, but several somehow seem to have found me.
The thing that impresses me the most about these bicycles is the high quality of their construction.  These were "built to last" and could
easily survive rugged use by an entire family and have plenty of life left to be passed on to another! These bicycles were constructed in
the same careful manner as Iver Johnson's entire line and most all components were of the same high quality, finish, and fit, as the adult
line.  The Boy's, Model 362 Juniorcycle (shown) was available in a 15" drop bar frame.  Also available was a Girl's Model 361 with a 15"
twin loop frame.  Frames made of seamless steel tubing were available in Iver Johnson Blue or Red with a diamond design and a white
hand striped head.  The fork, mudguards, and truss rods were finished in chrome.  Drop-forged parts were used throughout and
included the head, fork crown, crank arms and seat post.  Even the long-spring saddles and tool bags used on these bikes were simply
miniature versions of the adults.  Other features included a bell, ruby reflector, 4 1/2" alloy steel cranks, natural grain finish wheels, and
non-skid cushion 1 1/4" rubber tires.  All models included a New Departure coaster brake and an Iver Johnson front hub.
   The Iver Johnson line of velocipede's shared the same high quality features of the Juniorcycles and were made in four different
sizes.  Model 330 with a 12" front wheel and 8" rear, model 331 (shown) with a 16" front wheel and 10" rear, model 332 with an 20" front
wheel and 14" rear, and model 333 (shown) with a 24" front wheel and 16" rear.  All three of the children's bicycles in my collection are in
"as found" condition
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The following group of pics show the "Barn
Find" of my Model 333 Iver Johnson
Velocipede.  After following up on a tip, I met
with the original owner of this little Iver at his
home in Ashby, MA.  In his own words he
said, "the bicycle has been on the second
floor of my barn for as long as I can
remember" !  He was  somewhat nostalgic
about parting with the little treasure, but was
also at the same time happy to see it
preserved in an Iver Johnson collection
where it could be enjoyed by many.
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