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     This Iver Johnson Model 90 Road Racer was a very interesting and unusual find.  Even though it is known that  several chrome
frame Iver Johnson bikes exist, non of them reach as far back as 1924.  During the 20's, Iver Johnson's used nickel in most of its
plating, while chrome was not introduced until some time in the 30's.  It's a mystery that needs more research and I hesitate to touch
the bike until more is learned.  The bike was hanging in a Springfield MA shed for at least 50 years when a neighbor, who had only a
mild interest in bicycles asked if he could buy it.  The owner simply gave it to his neighbor and the new owner proceeded to attempt to
make the old bike road worthy.  Finding the task more difficult than imagined, he decided to simply sell it on Craigslist.  Lucky for me,
that when he went to Craigslist, he noticed the add I had placed advertising our "Fitchburg Rides" Iver Johnson show.  Because of
the Iver connection, he thought this might be a good venue to move the bike. He was able to contact me through information in that
add so we arranged to meet and I was able to purchase the bike.    
     This is a 1924 Iver Johnson Truss Frame Road Racer, serial # 417869 with a total chrome frame.  I am simply not sure if the bike
came that way from the factory, or was sent out by the owner to be chromed after owning it for several years.  It may even be possible
that the owner brought the frame back to the Iver Johnson company in Fitchburg to be plated when "chrome" became latest and
greatest thing. Any thoughts at this point are simply speculation.  The bike was found with a very nice set of  racing bars and a
standard Iver Johnson handlebar stem with forward projection.  A Brooks  B-17  narrow racing seat is resting on a standard Iver
Johnson "lucky 7" seat post.  The chainring is the very nice "snowflake" pattern as used on the earlier Road Racers with 7" cranks
and Torrington "Star" rat trap racing pedals. The bike came with a very nice set of natural finish "Lobdell" 28" racing wheels. An
absolutely gorgeous Iver Johnson "gold" badge with fantastic original patina sits up front.  All in all, an interesting and intriguing
example of a 24" "tall frame" Iver Johnson racer.
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PAGE #23